Tuesday, January 26, 2016

T-shirt Design Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Jess Slavik of Sore Eyes Design and Lana Gerace! These artists just won our T-shirt Design Contest! Jess won $100; Lana won $50. Best of all, both of these designs will be available in our Market Street store and Etsy shop ASAP! Thank you to all the great local artists who entered this contest on instagram.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Spaceboy T-shirt Design Contest!

Want to get your t-shirt design into Spaceboy? Now is your chance! We are looking for sweet new
graphics to print and at our shop. If you don't know us by now, we are into anything with a hip, urban, retro, colorful and fun attitude.  Submit your design now. Good Luck!

-Entries must be received by 11PM January 14th. 
-Post your design to instagram with these hashtags:
#SpaceboyClothing #SpaceboyContest
This way you can also get friends to comment and let us know they like your work.
-Artwork with profanity, nudity, offensive language will NOT be accepted 
-4 color maximum
-If we choose your design, you must send a 300 dpi camera ready jpeg. pdf. psd. or eps file. 

Winner will be selected by the Spaceboy Staff and announced January 15th.

-$100 Cash
-Your design will be sold at our Market Street store and shared on Spaceboyclothing.com and social media outlets. 
-We will screen print you a T shirt with your design, for free!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gearing Up for Spring!!

Spring is here! It may not feel like it but mother nature will come around I'm sure. 
We have Graphic Tees & Hats on sale for $10 or  pick out any color shirt you 
want, we'll slap a Spaceboy design on it for $20 or 2 for $30.  Don't forget we do 
custom clothing too and have a ton of vintage stuff you can go through as well! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Spaceboy & Shirt Heads in Delaware Today!

Just found out, we're going to featured in the November Issue of Delaware Today! Keep
an eye out for the story.  Hopefully they don't make us look like assholes! :)

SHIRTS HEADS still going Strong!!

Check out The latest Episode of our New Webseries SHIRTHEADS! We'll be shooting next 
week on Wednesday Oct. 29th and Thursday Oct. 30th for Season 2! We have a lot of new
ideas for the next set of shows and also a colab with Squatch Creative Group as well. 
Be sure to come by and say Hello! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Watch Episode 2 of SHIRT HEADS!

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Episode 3 will be up on the 29th!

Win A FREE Spaceboy T-Shirt!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Want to watch the World Premiere of SHIRT HEADS tonight? Here are some helpful hints for your viewing pleasure. 

- TVs and computers are recommended
- Go to www.spaceboyclothing.com at 12AM 
- Watch episode right on the home page or click the Shirt Heads link.
- Make sure you change the settings to 720 or 1080p HD options
- Select full screen option
- Make sure your volume is set a little higher than normal
- Grab a snack, drink or smoke
- Relax and Press Play 1 or more times
- Feel free to leave negative or positive comments

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spaceboy's NEW Web Series! SHIRT HEADS!!

We are so excited to announce SHIRT HEADS! A new show on our YouTube channel. We wanted to share the crazy things that we go through on a day to day basis and we hope you enjoy it! Episode 1 will be up SEPTEMBER 1st at 12AM est so get ready!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Holy Jeez! Its been so long since we've updated this. It's been crazy lately! Summer is our season and we just moved up the block to a bigger and better spot. It's 711 North Market Downtown Wilmington Delaware. We've got some other cool/awesome stuff coming up so please check back and make sure you link up with us on facebook and instagram as well. <3SBC